With the continuous upgrading of technology security, the passenger traffic statistics series products are constantly updating and iterating. More comprehensive, more precise and more secure. In order to record the age, level, annoyance and cycle of the customer in more detail, the binocular passenger traffic statistics camera is applied.


From the appearance, the binocular passenger traffic statistics are more flexible and elegant, the appearance color can be customized, the flattening is minimal and the soft and symmetrical line design gives the binocular camera a life-like vitality. Binocular stereo vision (also known as binocular vision) is a human-like binocular. Observing the “disparity” of the two points formed by the two cameras in the calculation of the spatial point, thereby determining the information of the scene, and then constructing the three-dimensional structure of the scene.


The number of consumers per day is increasing rapidly. How to grasp the consumer habits of consumers and grasp the potential customers of different businesses is an urgent breakthrough in the department store in the increasingly competitive multi-brand commercial shopping places.


On the basis of understanding the needs of users, after field research, through dozens of indoor vertical binocular flow cameras installed at the entrances and exits of each floor, to understand the number of real-time consumers in the mall in different time periods, accurately provide real-time passenger traffic data, and generate various kinds. Formal data reports, in conjunction with the user’s consumption system, clearly understand the consumption rate, consumption time habits, understand the potential laws of consumer groups, and provide better services for accurate marketing.




In shops, shopping malls, convention centers and other places, the passenger traffic statistics equipment is installed on the ceiling above the door, and the passenger traffic statistics equipment is close to the ceiling (the general ceiling is parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the pedestrian). It is also necessary to make certain adjustments according to the height of the installation, so as to avoid large errors in the data collection, so the customer has to install the technician’s own instructions. If there is no place to install outdoors, it can be installed in the same way as in the room.


In the installation of vehicle passenger traffic statistics, it is necessary to take into account the special characteristics of different passenger cars. Since the car is a slope, the door is generally only two meters high. Therefore, it is installed at a higher position behind the slope. Tilt the device slightly to make the lower line a little outside the door, which can achieve a better counting effect. If it is installed in the upper aspect, the range of the video frequency of the head will be small, and the counting requirement of the passenger traffic statistics device will not be met.


Therefore, it is very important to choose the passenger traffic counter. The rationality of collecting data can make a big decision and marketing role in the future passenger traffic analysis. In order to save the cost of commercial operation, improve the scientific nature of business daily business decisions, the comfort of the shopping environment, the rationality of human resource allocation and market foresight.


The trend of passenger traffic statistics to develop trends!


With the development of the market and the fierce competition, the decision-makers of many domestic businesses have realized the importance of passenger traffic information for enterprise management and operational decision analysis. passenger traffic statistics have been widely accepted and recognized, with the continuous scale of enterprises. Expansion, market competition is strengthened and deepened. In addition to the main application areas in the retail industry, the passenger traffic statistics system is also used in public places as well as non-profit organizations. In terms of functional requirements, passenger traffic statistics have gradually combined with other technologies from the original single counting function, and gradually become part of customer behavior analysis, sales forecasting and retail industry chain management.